The Cube

Product launch

The Cube is a shooting studio, a film set and a space for events. A welcoming venue for creative sessions.  Ideal for those looking for services to the very highest of standards.


  • 186 square meters: 15,5 m. long x 12 m. wide x 10 m. high.
  • Daylight. Blackout possible with electronic curtains.
  • Car access to main entrance (2,20 m wide x 2,40 m. high).
  • Maximum capacity.: 90 people


  • Make-up area and dressing room with shower.
  • Lounge area.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Coffe machine.
  • Passivhaus building

What is included

  • Backgrounds 3.5 m: white, black, green chroma key, light grey.
  • Workstation.

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